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The Sperimental Radio International DX Group was established in the 80' to promote the art and science of Amateur Radio Communication, experimentation and education. Founded in December 1986, by few active operators that were enjoing Dx on thè 11 Meters Band, it soon became a very interesting iniziative.

Naturally thè Group has always searched a very high professionality in thè way of operate of thè people that belong to thè Group or that would like to enter it. For this we have to thank who, till now, made keep thè Group thè high values of "Radio Communication" on thè 11 Meters Band.

 The Sperimentai Radio Group has organized since the early years various DX Expeditions in Most Wanted Countries, giving so thè opportunity not only thè people belonging to thè Group (members) but even to thè others, to contact countries never expected. Fundamental rule of thè DX Expedition is to confirm thè contact directely from thè country activated. In case that this would not be possible, thè H.Q. reserves thè right to show with tangible evidences thè truthfulness of thè DX Expedition.


 The SPERIMENTAL RADIO – SUGAR RADIO, is a cultural and scientific Association, established with a legal notarial deed, registered in the Pubblic Records Office of the city of Volterra (PI) Italy, dated December 11 - 1990 at the number 385, Series 1.